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Creative Solutions

— What I do.

  • Design & Development
  • Systems Design
  • Branding
  • Consulting
  • Photography
  • 3D/VR
  • Motion Graphics
  • Graphic Design

a few websites present & past

when you’re a Webmaster, life is a blast

Creation is the meaning of life.

Are you manifesting your dreams?

To be a great Webmaster you must internalize every aspect, process and function present in your client’s organization.

Draw upon your professional experience, all of your knowledge, plus ongoing research into the next, next and still next generation technologies.

Focus your attention as intention. Create an impeccable new and sublime, irresistible opportunity for them. Teach them how to self transform into their best possible expression, a future proof version of their organization.

They find success by becoming an intentional digital disruptor.

To become conscious of the unknown, find stillness in action, while maintaining your sense of innocence and wonder.

The time is always now.

what’s new?

Another industry breakthrough.


making a difference

Am I too creative?

I just can’t stop.
If I’m not creating,
I’m not happy.
It’s that simple.

Limitless Models

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Christopher D. Hannan

— Left & right brain integration is required.

How, WHEN & what?

How do you stave off a life of utter boredom?

Learn to code in 3rd grade. Take a detour into the performing arts during your teenage years. Then major in History and minor in Physics. Simultaneously pursue Great Mystery. Cap it off in `94 by introducing a science based, transcendental cosmology in support of consciousness technologies before you graduate.

Then move to New York City create your life at 21. Find your roll in a new place and become the local Wizard. With the Internet, invent and experiment with intent. Design & develop websites, multimedia, photographic Virtual Reality and 3D with creative code and cameras, as you co-create with thought leaders, businesses and entrepreneurs.

Never stop learning, growing, changing or doing.

Well maybe stop sometimes. Sing and dance once in a while… as often is you wish. Just don’t have too much fun. Digital technology may fuel an evolutionary flavor to life, true. But it also leads to many directions…

Bottom line:
Pursue Enlightenment.

looking my age for once